Consultant Service When Purchasing Aircraft

Aircraft Selection

Scandinavian Airtech`s team members has been operating, completing, and selling a wide variety of jets over the last 30 years. Based on our exhaustive product knowledge, we can fairly advise our customers the best aircraft to suit their travel needs within their budget. 

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Aircraft Appraisal

Based on current market data and recent sales, we have developed our own appraisal tool which provides our customers with the estimated value of their aircraft along with our recommended asking price to minimize its time on the market. The appraisal takes into consideration all technical aspects related to the aircraft as well as the aesthetics of the cabin and exterior.

Preliminary Inspection

Before selling or buying an aircraft, it is recommended to do a visual inspection of the aircraft to gain an overall impression of its current condition. This inspection can be performed by Scandinavian Airtech sales engineers in house.

Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI)

Helping aircraft buyers and sellers make informed decisions. Independent documentation reviews backed by a commitment to quality and safety.

The pre-purchase inspection is an important stage of the transaction process for pre-owned aircraft. It allows the buyer to get a detailed technical review of the aircraft before proceeding with the contract signature. Scandinavian Airtech is fully capable of performing these inspections on ACJ and BBJ aircraft.

Acceptance of New or Pre-owned Aircraft

The Aircraft Acceptance process includes a thorough review of the Aircraft Documentation, Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. During the Acceptance Flight, we ensure that all aircraft/cabin systems operate correctly, and we also complete a detailed cosmetic inspection of the exterior paint, cabin, and operational check the cabin entertainment and any other installed systems. We establish which defects should be corrected by the Seller and identify how defects impact aircraft value or cost of ownership.

Entry Into Service Support

Scandinavian Airtech has experience introducing a vast number of aircraft of various types, including ACJ and BBJ. We wish to help you with your specific needs or consult as necessary.


After Market

Unscheduled does not mean unprepared. Global capabilities for engines and component repair to engineering. Unplanned maintenance to spare parts. And everything in between.

  • Spare Parts, Specialized Tooling & Equipment
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Battery Shop
  • Structural repairs
  • Sheet Metal & Composites
  • Paint
  • NDT
  • Engines & APU
  • Avionics
  • Instruments radio & electrical
  • Components – Repair and Overhaul, Manufacture, plus exchange
  • Emergency, safety & Life Support Equipment
  • P145 Maintenance
  • Mobile Teams