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Gannet Aircraft Maintenance From the User for the User

Introduction to Some of the Features of Gannet Modules Which Scandinavian Airtech Use:

Journey Logs

  • Register flight hours, cycles and special counters
  • Optionally register fuel consumption, leg times and pax
  • View status of aircraft counters
  • View reports with journey data


  • Create and maintain maintenance programs and revisions
  • Create maintenance tasks and set applicability for aircrafts or components
  • Specify task required parts and tools
  • Synchronize differences in different versions of maintenance programs
  • View task history
  • Enter task history
  • Create checks and packages
  • Define check applicability


  • See a quick status of all open work cards, connected MEL’s
  • Request extension of work card limits
  • Accomplish scheduled work cards
  • Raise & accomplish unscheduled work cards
  • Raise & Accomplish In-House component maintenance work cards
  • Request components or spares for work cards
  • Enter man-hours used
  • See graphical overview of log-based tasks
  • Buy consumables from stock


  • Register airworthiness documents and archive them electronically
  • Set applicability from components or aircrafts
  • Define limits or repeat intervals
  • Cross reference between documents
  • Copy applicability between documents
  • See a list of handed in components with possible applicability
  • Control revisions of documents
  • See who registered, analysed or double checked a document
  • See due status for a document vs. components or aircrafts


  • Purchase, exchange, or forward exchange parts
  • Hand in received parts and electronically archive Release Certificates (Form-1)
  • Request quotes from vendors
  • See components that have been removed from aircraft (Quarantine)
  • Register and store invoices from vendors
  • Add part requests to purchase orders
  • Sell and return parts
  • Transfer parts between different stocks or locations
  • Verify that stock status is correct
  • Print labels and component tags
  • Buy parts from stock with wireless barcode reader