Cabin Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is at the core of our research and innovation. Our team is developing solutions to make each flight more comfortable for the VIP passengers. We are focusing on integrating new insulation materials that keep the performance of the aircraft paramount.

Cabin Refurbishment

When you wish to refresh your cabin, our design and engineering departments define with you the changes and upgrades you want to develop. We take into consideration the certification requirements and limitations specific to each aircraft, source newly available material and comfort features, and evaluate associated costs and downtime.


Cabin Ionisation System

Scandinavian Airtech Engineering Department is focused on providing our clients with solutions that guarantee air purity and significantly improve air quality inside the cabin. Ionisation is a natural air purification process that eliminates bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 in the air and on surfaces, while also eliminating unpleasant odours.


Cabin Layout Improvement

Seating positions, circulation flow, storage size and ergonomics are among the key items when designing a cabin interior. Our team of designers are here to listen to you, understand your needs and limitations to advise you on any future floor plan modifications, while also considering the systems impact.

Cabin/mechanical Services

  • Rack assemblies installations
  • Interior/cabin modifications (VVIP or custom)
  • Flight deck modifications (VVIP or custom)
  • Vehicle subsystem (ECS, IFE, interphone, wastewater, etc.) retrofit   aand modifications
  • Structural provisions installations
  • Access panels and doors modifications
  • Cargo area modification and provisions

Cabin Equipment Selection

Beyond cabin interior design, business jets are furnished and decorated with luxury amenities and accessories matching the owner’s personal style. Based on your specifications, our team of designers can present you with a range of cutlery, crockery, China, glasses, bed linen, bathroom linen and any decor items.

Spares Definition and Management

Due to the unique nature of corporate aircraft cabin, the correct provisioning of cabin spares, especially IFE equipment, is a must for trouble free operations. With our extensive experience in corporate aircraft operation, Scandinavian Airtech can assist to recommend the right number of spares to procure and hold.